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In the early 17th century, the term “sugar plum” arose as the name for a variety of candy called a comfit – a tiny scrap of spice carefully coated with layers of crystallized sugar. The process of creating the perfect sugar plum was the work of a true confectioner, requiring plenty of patience, delicate skill, the finest ingredients, and a touch of luck. As such, these tiny sweet confections were something of a high-society status symbol, and trade secrets were strictly guarded; surviving documents describing the original recipe and process are rare.

Today, these “sugar plum” comfits are made quickly and inexpensively by machine, and although their wide availability is handy in a pinch, these mass-produced candies simply don’t possess quite the same charm and delicate flavor as their artfully crafted predecessors.
We approach the creation of our pieces just like these original sugar plum comfit candies - carefully designed and skillfully handcrafted with patience, elegance, and just a kiss of good luck. Our original, playful designs are a speck of spice rolled in delicate sugar, ready for even the highest of social occasions.

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